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Defend your most valuable investment with an expert roof repair in Dallas, TX. Repairing your roof plays a central role in keeping your home in top condition. To maintain a flawless roof, you need to check it for damage once every six months. At ADU Roofing, we recommend getting your roof professionally inspected once every two years to avoid any problems.

If you need your Dallas roof repaired and only want the best roofing contractor, contact ADU Roofing to schedule your free inspection.

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Receiving professional roofing help can reverse roof damage. Dallas has no better company than ADU Roofing for reliable residential roof repairs. At ADU Roofing, we serve Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth as a fully licensed and insured roofing company. We provide the most experienced, reliable roof repair contractors. You can depend on us for trustworthy roofing services.


“With ADU the repair process was professional and painless”

Peter R. - Fort Worth Property Owner


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Licensed Roof Repair Contractor in Dallas, TX

At ADU Roofing, our repair crew specializes in fixing all types of roof damage. Find your solution with our superior repair services, regardless of whether your roof has leaks, faulty flashings, or worn shingles.

Is your roof showing signs of wear? Discover why we remain the preferred choice for roof repairs among Dallas residents by reading our customer reviews.


Our repair team consists of trained experts with vast experience who provide reliable services. You can expect flawless results because we use only the best-in-class materials. Our residential roof repair specialists ensure the highest quality craftsmanship to preserve your roof’s aesthetic appeal.


Our reputation as the leading roofers in Dallas stems from our commitment to customer satisfaction. At ADU Roofing, we deliver exceptional services at competitive rates. By hiring us, you can avoid dealing with recurring roof damage.

Around the Clock Services in Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth

Our 24/7 availability allows us to respond to your emergency calls with prompt service. You can always rely on our team for the most affordable, durable solution when we tackle repairs in the wee hours of the night.

Types of Roof Repair We Offer at ADU Roofers

Our company’s Dallas roof repair services handle all types of roof complications. We incorporate superior technology into most of the repairs we perform. Homeowners across Texas call our professionals for all sorts of repairs related to: leaks, shingles, flashing, gutters, and poor ventilation.

If you spot signs of leakage, call our team for a free inspection. You can rely on our dedicated ADU Roofing crew to repair leaking roofs in Dallas, TX. We will identify the precise cause of leakage and fix the underlying problem.

When Should You Call a Roof Repair Contractor?

A home with a damaged roof puts your safety and belongings at risk. Aside from compromising your comfort, it can also destroy your home’s flooring and walls. When should you call the professionals for emergency roof repairs in Dallas? If you notice any of the following symptoms, give us a call.

1. Roof Leakage

Wet spots on ceilings and walls signify a roof leakage. Tracing the source of a leak sometimes proves tricky and tedious. A leaky roof can result from various factors, like:

  • Hail damage
  • Worn shingles
  • Improper installation of rooftop equipment
  • Cracked chimneys and flashing

2. Broken Roofing Materials

Take a look at your shingles for missing, cracked, or curled edges. Broken shingles can result from hail damage and other weather conditions. Loss of granules also indicates that your roofing material needs repair. In some cases, we can fix the problem areas before the wear affects other parts of the roof.

3. Warped Roof Deck

Check your roof for sagging areas. If your roof’s surface appears uneven, you’ll need expert intervention. A warped roof deck indicates structural issues that require immediate examination.

4. Gutter Clogging

Asphalt shingles wear down and break with age. Inspect your rain gutters for granule accumulation and broken pieces of roofing materials, an indicator of a deteriorating roof.

5. Increased Moisture

Some roofing experts can assess your roof quality by observing its color. Dark streaks signify algae growth from trapped moisture. Poor ventilation in the attic can increase humidity in the roofline. Allowing its spread will weaken your roof’s structure.

Benefits of Getting Quality Roof Repairs

Your roof is an essential barrier between your home and the elements. It’s critical that you keep your roof in good shape, and replace it when necessary, to prevent damage to your property. Because it’s so important that your roof performs well, it’s equally important that you choose an experienced contractor that you can trust.

ADU Remodeling has a proven track record of providing our clients with affordable, effective roof repairs and roof replacements that exceed their expectations. We hold ourselves to extraordinarily high standards, which has been instrumental in ADU Remodeling earning numerous awards for our exceptional service. We have won the “Angie’s List” Super Service Award six years in a row!

Don’t risk your investment by choosing a shady contractor, one who isn’t experienced with roofing, or someone who hasn’t been established long enough to have a proven track record. It’s simply not worth it. Let us know what your expectations and your budget are, and we will be able to find a solution that protects your home or business without breaking the bank.

And don’t forget that ADU Remodeling does much more than roofing. One of the advantages of using a full-service contractor is that you’ll have a trusted team on call whenever you run into a problem with your home or want to upgrade or renovate.

Call us today. You won’t be disappointed. We know that price, customer service, expertise, and quality are all important to our clients, and we strive to exceed all of your expectations in every category. Don’t delay—that small leak may lead to more damage than you think!

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Secure the roof over your head by calling our professionals for residential roof repair in Dallas. Our team at ADU Roofing handles roof repairs, replacements, and storm damage restorations throughout the Greater DFW area. We provide unmatched services to our valued customers, including emergency repairs.

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